Sunday, November 14, 2010

Butch Diva Thighgs!!

* Aren't my Butch Diva leggings the bomb though, cop you a pair hit her up, ok i love polka dots & neon so when my leggings came in the mail i was sooo happy about the fit and the booty life i got...sooo Spring Break you can find in BK, New York buying leggings spending them checks!!!

* The pretty girl with the aqua hair is my favorite girl Theresa Chromati.

*Some pictures taken in Theresa room, others at my cutie pie of all time Stephon's sweet sixteen Octber 30th, i'm late with the post but i'm gonna bring my blogging energy back UP! POWWWW!

XOXO, yaya

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lemme Update cha

Hi baby(s), why have i been neglecting my blog??? School and Work, my 5 classes including my Fashion 101 which be making me werk so hard!!!! doing boring samples and getting ready to make a boring church lady dress that i will never wear is NOT poppin. Clothing construction is no joke, why did i think it would be so danm easy and fun, i can get jiggy with it though tutoring from 4-7:30 every tuesday & thursday be hurting me, but what can i say i'm "Dedicated to Design" this it what i wanna do and i refuse to let my laziness determine my ending, degree on deck, my tutor is bombing though, he is a tailor who is very talented & patient, he works at a jail where he teaches inmates how to make clothes, pillow cases, and stuff like that.

Soooo i want this aa dress, but $50 though?? you know how american apparel trys to get over and play with the public, just need it in my life paired with my favorite leopard belt.

My Nail game has been super wack lately, so for my birthday which is in only one month my nails are gonna be EXTRA poppin stepping it up! i keep saying i'm not getting no designs until my birthday but i be lying, i works hard so why not!!

MY BUTCH DIVA leggings came in the mail..YAYYY show you guys later

Thursday, October 7, 2010


SPRING 2011 on that Felix the Cat shxt.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

FNO 2010

*Pat Fields party
*Dai Burger
*Stayed in a hostel in Harlem that wasn't worth $50 for a little twin size bed
* Missed Dai Burger performance (sad face) but happy to sing along in the live crowd outside of the store
*Can't wait to do my internship with Butch Diva next summer whoop!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Burrito.

Fashion Burrito Ingredients: Azania[Sharane],17,Manhattan,NY

[Azania & her tribe pictured above]

What are your favorite cosmetics? Sephora

What accessories do you admire the most? Earringsss ! & Chains

Who are your favorite designers? Alexander McQueens & Betsey Johnson

Describe your style? Vintage

Who inspires your stylish behavior? My Peers

What trends would you like to make happen all over again? The 8Os/ Early 9Os Rope Chains, Windbreakers, Kangols ETC.

What trends do you wish would die? The Polo, Rubgy, BBC Trend. I hate when things are worn incorrectly or are over priced unless its actually worth it.

Who are your Favorite Music Artist(s)? Shwayze

Whats your Favorite Magazine(s)? Seventeen

Yaya's Conclusion: Your style reminds me of so many spunky things & time era's from "Sister Sister" to the "round the way girls" in LL Cool J's video, i love how your not afraid of color or combinding all types of patterns, from the bold & the beautiful polka dots to the knocking on heavans doors, gold dooRknocKers, your the BOMBING, POPPIN',POW POW! & thats my conclusion never change!!!

[Fashion Burrito, NO CARBS, or artificial flavors.]

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Teen Vogue Fashion U 2009

Hello my fashionista, designing, photographer, and just all around fashion fiends sistas & brothas i hope you applied for Teen Vogue Fashion University graduating c / o 2010, first & foremost i would like to apoligize for not letting you guys know about this sooner, i been trying to do a post since the Teen Vogue Fashion U 2010 apps were up, i'm sooo sorry i didn't do it out of selfishness but laziness and forgetfulness, the application deadlines were August 1st then extended to the 8th, blah blah, well i hope you applied my fashion students & fashion whores!!!! If you didn't apply theres always 2011, your absolutely aware so don't forget about in the next go round.

I must say TVFU was the most amazing weekend of my life, where do i start friday night Juicy Couture party with my girls Saray, Bianca, & Alex Peach, a band played they were called Kings of Ido, got a free cd & the compliment from the cute juicy employee "They aint ready for your style, they aint ready for those docmartens" * blush *

Early Saturday morning i awoke hopped on the subway & headed to the Hudson Theatre where i got my gift bag filled with small goodies, i forgot the brand but because i got there late i got an ugly navy striped one when i really wanted the most spunkier ones with the leopard and candy prints. Seminars with handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff, designer Thakoon Panichgul, A SCAD representative, & the very wonderful Dian Von Furstenburg, girls and very few boys from all over the world so the networking game was tight! H & M in store, i didn't stay long, it was late & rainy.

Then Sunday at the Hudson Theatre once again to watch the "The September Issue" a documentary about the bold & the ageless Vogue & Anna Wintour, sadly i found myself back in Baltimore only a few hours later .....

* For more pictures add me on facebook profile link on the right .*