Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hey baby be my valentine in april.

i have standards and requirements when i'm in a dating lovegame mood, first style [stylish fashionburrito behavior] not hood style because that's just ridiculous and those tacky ass labels everywhere causing me to get dizzy are ridiculous too. just plain label whoring around is disgusting NOT fierce. i'm a big fan of skinny jeans graphic t-shirts and v-necks and i like a guy who knows how to shop who knows how to be stylish because he likes his gear not because his homeboy does. if a shirt is cool and it cost $2 don't be ashamed of buying it i bet its way cooler than that $40 shirt at urban outfitters, don't get me wrong UO looks good on guys too but i pefer the clearance rack and if the item is too slick for life then maybe the clearance rack is not an option but don't be a fool and doc martens oh yeassss give it to me raw baby.

B-more Chilling!

me and the homie dominick in downtown baltimore.

Dai Burger Combo.

Combo includes:

A Dai Burger.

Large bombing fries.

Large "wild thang" soda.

Tropical rainbow chesescake.

Warning: You may overdose on this song, tell a professional how dope she is, you may say "i aint a prostitute i'm just this cute" too frequently.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses i hate traditonal prom dresses

FUCKKK PROM right now, thats how i felt earlier until i realized exactly how i want my dress and how i really need someone to make it, very similar, actually exactly the same as the Julie Mollo (pratt design student.designed all katy perry crazy wardrobe)show below but of course my fabric is gonna


reminds me of some...Jeremy Scott Fabulousity! [but without the tutu fabric]


Black Lipstick Chronicles.


Fashion Burrito.

[pictures above: brian and his afuckingmazing fascinating sketches that has got him into pratt, parsons, & F.I.T.]

Fashion Burrito! Ingredients: Brian, fashion designer, creative genius, high school senior

What are your favorite cosmetics? Altho I don't use a lot of cosmetics due to frequent pimples I get , I do like to keep my skin clean and clear,free from acne, with Clean&Clear :p. Hopefully in the future, when my skin gets better, I'd love to try Clinique

What accessories do you admire the most?
-Sunglasses. I think a pair of sexy, sleek shades is what completes every look.

Who are your favorite designers?
-John Galliano, Hussein Chalayan, Vivienne Westwood, and many more; I love experimental fashion

Describe your style?

Who inspires your stylish behavior?
Charles Guislain:) and Zana Bayne.

What trends would you like to make happen all over again?
-Hmm never thought about that but I think these days, there are too many reoccurring trends over and over again, which makes me wanna throw up. Reinterpretation is okay but simply re-using trends is just not creative. I'd love to see a trend that was never around the 21st century. Maybe

What trends do you wish would die?
power shoulders

Who are your Favorite Music Artist(s)?
Gaga, Adam Lambert, Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith

Whats your Favorite Magazine(s)?
Nylon♥ and Dazed and Confused

YaYa's Conclusion: Your blessed with so much talent, where would fashion and art be without you???, seriously i remember the first time i read your blog, i had to read everything, and your work looks like you went to design school and graduated already, forever amazed and inspired, the beautiful the dirty and the rich. [kisses]

[Fashion Burrito, NO CARBS, or artificial flavors.]

Monday, March 29, 2010

Why am dedicating my life to design Part 2

i'm PICKY like shit.
i thrift, i'm usually disappointed.
i get lucky sometimes but thats rare.
my floral body con i brought January 2009 at my favorite thrift in Baltimore now that was lucky.
i really don't like wearing the same clothes a lot especially if it's obvious
i always know what i'm looking for i'm just too specific for myself its too fucking annoying.
i'm not stylishly spontaneous at all, i'm plain jane, i just don't choose to match that's what make my style look all out there and stuff.
i hate all stores in the mall except the Sephora store of course.
i think American Apparel is about one on the only stores i like, probably because its basic skanking shit, i have a love hate/relationship with AA maybe because i don't appreciate those prices, i'm cheap i know, and those patterns make me sick.
i only like body cons, acid wash skirts, acid wash jackets, doc martens, door knockers, studs, denim shorts,vintage bags
i don't like being so specific that much.
thats why i'm dedicating my life to design

[my favorite body con dress & my 2BD/Pat Fields inspired glove.]

Why i'm dedicating my life to design?

I AM gonna be a Fashion Designer, even if i don't sell enough to have my own store or even have a apartment of my own or even if i can't pay my rent my career goal is final and i'm anxious, even if most people hate my shit and calls me a copy cat because i'm easily inspired and image my designs to be really similar to other designs i've seen, even if i'm considered a weak lazy ass designer because i'm 17 and i can't sew and my sketching doesn't cause loads of visual pleasure and orgasm symptoms, even if people think going to Baltimore City Community College fashion design program before i go to my dream college which is the Fashion Institute of Technology is super wack and i should have been prepared for F.I.T long time ago, maybe if my family were more supportive and i was more sure about what the fuck i wanted to do, i can blame no one because those same people are gonna be cheering for me 100%, and the doubters might constantly doubt me but maybe they do it because i don't believe in myself.

Freshmen year of highschool i decided i wanted to be a designer a girl who knew nothing about fashion and tryed so hard to be "trendy" but thought a designer would be so fascinating, a Ms. Marc Jacobs, go to Parsons or Pratt some school in New York and learn how to design and instantly become famous and rich and live in a apartment in Manhattan, yeah i was in 9th grade, i was idiot with all the wrong intentions, i didn't know much hard work and dedication a designer required. I'm so tired of people talking that money talk, designers don't make money, thats a hobby, being a designer is not a career, you should go into nursing
people are always gonna be sick, well people are always gonna be craveing supreme gear, so no worries and when have i ever been money pressed i'm a thrifter for crying out loud, who likes doing shit that doesn't require money, i never been with no fancy shit. NEVERR so i aint pressed, but i'm glad i can finally say i BEILEVE in yaya.

Some fabric i want gotta have. =)

Ali of Booze design working hard, this picture inspires me. xoxo

Vintage Lil Kim

i never been a Lil Kim fan but i know her whole part in "crush on you" "i'll be undressed in a bra all see thru, why you count your dues thinking i'm a cheat you the only one thing i wanna do is freak you" OWWWW! i pretend i have a fur coat on with champagne [apple cider] with mad attitude and Drekitude when i sing that, but i'm fascinated with old lil kim pictures, maybe because i get to see how much Nicki Minaj admires her, Lady GaGa too, she was a beasting & nasty & spunky then, now her face looks like a lace wig too many like she should be competing in Rupaul's Drag race but these pictures make me smile because i was alive when this took place makes me feel special.

yaya wants a unitard

black or some jungle fever i'm considering the aa royal blue leotard some docmartens and some bitchin' acid wash denim involved i just hope it looks good on me unitards expose EVERYTHING!