Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fashion Burrito.

"Fashion Burrito! Ingredients: Tonika,18,DC

What are your favorite cosmetics? MAC is a girls Best Friend

What accessories do you admire the most? I love all gold accessories...I never leave the house without my gold Rope chain

Who are your favorite designers? I love chanel, Marc Jacobs, Henry holland, jeremy scott, but jc de castelbajac is on my Radar.

Describe your style? My favorite Question: I call it saved by the bell tryna be Mod. I crave to dress like marilyn Monroe or twiggy 50/60's time ERA but I always end up dressing Retro exactly like the Show Saved By the Bell

Who inspires your stylish behavior? It was MIA, Kesh, and Agyness with the whole Rave scence.... Now I'm feeling more Lady GaGa

What trends would you like to make happen? those platform shoes that the spice girls wore in the 90's but It seems to be coming back already

What trends do you wish would die? Omg I despise box checkered plaid, endless PPL wear it on campus, I think it's just to annoy me

Who is you Favorite Music Artist(s)? lil wayne. his voice always comforts me

Whats your Favorite Magazine(s)? Vmagaine

YaYa's CONCLUSION: tonika all your gear inspires me and my wardrobe choices, its like urbanoutfitters mixed with thrift stores and lady gaga blended with a jc castelbajac collection GO MAMA!

[The Fashion Burrito] NO CARBS, or artifical flavors"

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