Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fashion Burrito.

Fashion Burrito! Ingredients Ny Wesson, (A woman never tells her age.-Ny),Poverty C.A I'm roomates with Russle Brand. He's late for rent!

What are your favorite cosmetics?
Ny: Cosmectics? Can we use that in a sentence? ( I didn't think I had to study for this lol.) Uh I'm more of the "Plain Jane" type. I'm always naturual in the face UNLESS it's really necessary. Other than that, I'll just say MAC. Only because it's so mainstream. Everyone is using it! Lol

What accessories do you admire the most?
Ny: oh God! Earrings of course! I feel like a 28 yr old African guy without them. The irony in that is, I never wore earrings from the 6th grade all the way up to the 8th grade. In fact, I had to get my ears re-pierced. Now I can't even step foot out the door without them. I love gold and pearls. I think it looks lovely against darkskin women, and NAILS!

Who are your favorite designers?
Ny: I couldn't start this answer off without saying Stefano Pilati, Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada followed by; Frida Giannini, Alber Elbaz, Marc Jacobs, Luca Orlandi, Max Azria, Brian Litchenberg, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Riccardo Tisci, Paulo Melim and Andersson/Yvan Mispelaere. I would like to continue but I don't want to seem obsessed.

Describe your style?
Ny: My style? Who knows. You have to actually know me and know how I view life to know my style. I love anything that looks GOOD. Vintage, posh, forward, innovating, thrifty, chic, all of the above. It's like a very posh Granny who dates Russle Brand and she shops at UOF, Zara & thirft stores meets Compton and fly backs to London after robbing Rachel Zoe closet. (Are you still with me?)

Who inspires your stylish behavior?
Ny: It's not really WHO but more of WHAT inspires me. I'm highly influenced by my surroundings and things in the artsy nature. But if you insist on me dropping names here's a few. Hmm.. Where must I begin? My asian friend Grandma, Victoria Beckham, Allis Pellischi (she's just been added to my list) Eddie Sedgewick, Erykah Badu, Jimmy Hendrixs, Rachel Zoe, Chanel Iman, Hellz + Bellz, Grace Jones, Madonna, The Golden Girls, The UK. . . Blah blah blah.

What trends would you like to make happen all over again?
Ny: The trend where nobody cared what you wore and didn't judge you (if that ever occured.) But if we skim through our history books and find that, I would love to bring back the 1940's with their GEORGEOUS hair styles and AMAZING makeup. Skip the 50's & 60's and, hop right into the 70's with The Beatles and spread love with floral print blouses and Farrah Fawcett hairdo's, rummage through the 80's with Rick James but leave Kid & Play at the house parties, smoke a joint with my long nails in the 90's & kick ryhmes with N.W.A. Thsn sit back and enjoy the future.

What trends do you wish would die?
Ny: DEATH TO ALL who wears bright skinny jeans with little kid back packs and throw everybody in the salughter house who THINKS fashion is a "trend" and not a gift.

Who are your Favorite Music Artist(s)?
Ny: forgive me for being infactuated with Tupac. I love all good old school gangsta rap artists (Explains my name lol). Lauryn Hill is my favorite of all time. Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, India Arie, MF DOOM, Outkast, Delicious Vinly (shoutouts to Justin & Freak City), Nipsey Hussle, Joss Stone, Snoop, I love New wave music, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, N.W.A, Ice Cube, Sade, Floetry Sa-Ra, Cee-Lo/Gnarles Barkley, I mean my list could go on for DAYS.

Whats your Favorite Magazine(s)?
NY: This question is a No Brainer: GrungeCake Magazine OF COURSE! . . . We're quiet tasty!
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YaYa's Conclusion: Ny Wesson of the proverty of california, =), your stylish behavior is a glorious danger zone filled with leopard print bras, lace, and ripped black tight, i love how your style easily changes, sometimes its all black everything and then sometimes its straight funky and colorful continue to be beasty and keep you cake GRUNGE boo.

[Fashion Burrito, NO CARBS, or artificial flavors.]

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