Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hey baby be my valentine in april.

i have standards and requirements when i'm in a dating lovegame mood, first style [stylish fashionburrito behavior] not hood style because that's just ridiculous and those tacky ass labels everywhere causing me to get dizzy are ridiculous too. just plain label whoring around is disgusting NOT fierce. i'm a big fan of skinny jeans graphic t-shirts and v-necks and i like a guy who knows how to shop who knows how to be stylish because he likes his gear not because his homeboy does. if a shirt is cool and it cost $2 don't be ashamed of buying it i bet its way cooler than that $40 shirt at urban outfitters, don't get me wrong UO looks good on guys too but i pefer the clearance rack and if the item is too slick for life then maybe the clearance rack is not an option but don't be a fool and doc martens oh yeassss give it to me raw baby.

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