Monday, March 29, 2010

Vintage Lil Kim

i never been a Lil Kim fan but i know her whole part in "crush on you" "i'll be undressed in a bra all see thru, why you count your dues thinking i'm a cheat you the only one thing i wanna do is freak you" OWWWW! i pretend i have a fur coat on with champagne [apple cider] with mad attitude and Drekitude when i sing that, but i'm fascinated with old lil kim pictures, maybe because i get to see how much Nicki Minaj admires her, Lady GaGa too, she was a beasting & nasty & spunky then, now her face looks like a lace wig too many like she should be competing in Rupaul's Drag race but these pictures make me smile because i was alive when this took place makes me feel special.

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