Monday, March 29, 2010

Why am dedicating my life to design Part 2

i'm PICKY like shit.
i thrift, i'm usually disappointed.
i get lucky sometimes but thats rare.
my floral body con i brought January 2009 at my favorite thrift in Baltimore now that was lucky.
i really don't like wearing the same clothes a lot especially if it's obvious
i always know what i'm looking for i'm just too specific for myself its too fucking annoying.
i'm not stylishly spontaneous at all, i'm plain jane, i just don't choose to match that's what make my style look all out there and stuff.
i hate all stores in the mall except the Sephora store of course.
i think American Apparel is about one on the only stores i like, probably because its basic skanking shit, i have a love hate/relationship with AA maybe because i don't appreciate those prices, i'm cheap i know, and those patterns make me sick.
i only like body cons, acid wash skirts, acid wash jackets, doc martens, door knockers, studs, denim shorts,vintage bags
i don't like being so specific that much.
thats why i'm dedicating my life to design

[my favorite body con dress & my 2BD/Pat Fields inspired glove.]

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