Monday, March 29, 2010

Why i'm dedicating my life to design?

I AM gonna be a Fashion Designer, even if i don't sell enough to have my own store or even have a apartment of my own or even if i can't pay my rent my career goal is final and i'm anxious, even if most people hate my shit and calls me a copy cat because i'm easily inspired and image my designs to be really similar to other designs i've seen, even if i'm considered a weak lazy ass designer because i'm 17 and i can't sew and my sketching doesn't cause loads of visual pleasure and orgasm symptoms, even if people think going to Baltimore City Community College fashion design program before i go to my dream college which is the Fashion Institute of Technology is super wack and i should have been prepared for F.I.T long time ago, maybe if my family were more supportive and i was more sure about what the fuck i wanted to do, i can blame no one because those same people are gonna be cheering for me 100%, and the doubters might constantly doubt me but maybe they do it because i don't believe in myself.

Freshmen year of highschool i decided i wanted to be a designer a girl who knew nothing about fashion and tryed so hard to be "trendy" but thought a designer would be so fascinating, a Ms. Marc Jacobs, go to Parsons or Pratt some school in New York and learn how to design and instantly become famous and rich and live in a apartment in Manhattan, yeah i was in 9th grade, i was idiot with all the wrong intentions, i didn't know much hard work and dedication a designer required. I'm so tired of people talking that money talk, designers don't make money, thats a hobby, being a designer is not a career, you should go into nursing
people are always gonna be sick, well people are always gonna be craveing supreme gear, so no worries and when have i ever been money pressed i'm a thrifter for crying out loud, who likes doing shit that doesn't require money, i never been with no fancy shit. NEVERR so i aint pressed, but i'm glad i can finally say i BEILEVE in yaya.

Some fabric i want gotta have. =)

Ali of Booze design working hard, this picture inspires me. xoxo

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