Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOOK BOOK: leggings bodycons & aa

i love shape, i love color, i love patterns, i love vintage, i love LEGGINGS & BODYONS (lycra,jersey,& spandex) my favorite is lycra because the unnecessary lumps and jiggily stuff isn't exposed and i appreciate that, my designs will reflect me and i will design for me due to my attraction to all my loves i listed above. i went to the nail salon yesterday to get my broken nail repaired and the asian chick who designs them told me she graduated from Parsons majoring in design management she knew right off i wanted to be a fashion designer i asked her why didn't you major in design she said "fashion designers are broke". Money is not my motive, i wanna make my customers happy and feel funky & spunky like i always like too something they can appreciate something they can get excited about.

American Apparel = Inspiration, i bitch about there prices a lot, but sometimes i don't mind because i'm starting to understand fabrics morei like basic shit i may look like i'm super extra but i'm not the color just makes everything so extra.

dedicating my life to design.


  1. i'm not sure i found it on google when i was looking for some floral body cons!!!! <333 try topshop =]