Monday, April 26, 2010

Nail Art Burrito!

meet the edgy, red lip stick wearing, beautiful brown skin nail art designer.

Nail Art Burrito Ingredients: Bhrē. [but ive been called many things; erhb, blackgirl, nomalanga, bee, bella.] 18 going 63. and daly city via san francisco.

What are your favorite cosmetics?
to be honest cheap ones. im not very big on make up except for a nice cat-eye and a dashing lipshade. but i will spend a bit extra on things that i know wont cause an infection due to cheapness.

What accessories do you admire the most?
BIG ol' CHUNKAY rings, and BIG ol' CHUNKAY bags.

Long Nails or Short Nails & why?
the longer the better. keep it crenshaw and lacienega [if youve seen the kind of nails im talking about, then you should know those street names. ;]

What brand(s) do you use (nail polish)?
hmm, practically any and everything. as long as i like the color. i have a collection of polishes from all over. including; flea markets, grocery and liquor stores to rite aid and my mammas junk box.

Favorite nail designs?
hmm, animal print, abstract geometrical type ish and, rhinestones, Rhinestones, RHINESTONES.

Any thing new you would like to try (ice cream nails, claw nails, french manicure/hello kitty nails)
i would love to try minx, although its sort of a love hate relationship because i kinda believe in the old fashion way of nail art. hand done. but im up to try it.

Favorite colors in nail design?
anything bright that stands out and looks good on the skin tone.

Whats the fill in Prices at your local nail salon?
do you mean what do nail salons near me charge for a fill? because i believe its $15 which isnt bad around these parts.

What do you consider boring nails?
um, well i wanna say anything that everyone around me is doing the same of. but sometimes im guilty of that also. and i could say just a plain color with no design, but sometimes i like the simplicity of just color, especially if its a great color. so im gonna go with a simple french tip. thats B o r i n g to me. you could do sooo much more.

How do you feel about the claw nails..will you try them?
i love them. at first i couldn't see them as an everyday thing, just a vogue magazine photo-shoot type thing. but now im like "shoot! i could sport them!". so hell yeah im gonna try them out. and i cant wait for a hoe to pop off at me so i can Cut A Hoe! lmao. jk...not really, try me. ;]

How often do you change you design?
as often as im bored and not feeling lazy. just being honest. it really depends how my nails look if they are chipping or looking dull or how im feeling you know?

What or who inspires you to design your nails?
hmm, i would have to say my daddy. he may not wear nails himself, but hes really good at pushing me to keep doing this, since i seem to have a thing for it. and hes really supportive in helping me succeed and become better. i couldnt ask for anything else. hes always asking me "so whats next? any new designs or clients?" and i love him for that. i also think my mom inspires me also because she was who i learned about nails from as a kid. she was the queen of the talons and keyboards. lol. so she def got me started.

YaYa's CONCLUSION: Your NAILS are (banging, bitchin, bombing, beasting) to the 999th power, from the animal print, to the mardi gras, to the rhinestones, to the fiesta prints. xoxo PRO NAILS!!! the claws and 3-d nails next chica!!! - her amazing blog. - her facebook. - her tumblr.

our NEW BLOG!!! [underconstruction but on the way, peep us i'll give you details]

[The Nail Art Burrito] NO CARBS, or artifical flavors..(chipotle can't compare) :)


  1. Yeeesssss... i love those leopard ones

  2. So, the fourth picture, like, scared the hell out me.

  3. What!!! Animal print is the best e!!!..jungle fever <3

  4. awesome playlist! 93 til infinity is my shit!

  5. she's so cute and the designs are hot!