Sunday, April 11, 2010


i bet nobody knew Santigold was in a band called Stiffed before she blessed the world with her sweet & sour sauce tunes & flaming ass beats, well if you did i bet you love her even more and you know there second album "Burned Again" can be easy to find (peeped it in Barnes & Noble once) but there first album released in Febuary of 2003, 7 fucking years ago is the problem, well a friend of mines got his hands on it and he was nice enough to let me experience the SEX SELLS lifestyle because he is just cool like that. Just my first 3 minutes listening to it, i knew it couldn't compare to Burned Again and i can accept that. =/ Find this you will love this, "Everybody's got it" is my favorite if you know of Stiffed hit up, it will excite me know that someone but me and my friend recognizes that good good.

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