Sunday, May 30, 2010


It started like this, my bestie sent me a picture to my phone, she was in barnes & nobles, i'm like whoaa i was in there the other day and i seen three white chicks on the cover, wondering why the July issue was out so early but absolutely excited that my girl M.I.A is on the cover, another ethnic girl whoop whoop, 2010 is being good to me!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


May 21, 2010

where do i start.... i had to cancel my appointment at Sephora because my mother car broke down on the fucking highway, i cried and cried like my dog died, i was suppose to leave at 8 didn't leave until 8:45 and as soon as i came downstairs i had to go because my ride was being a bit impatient, my SLAYED FASHION babies cam thru and Kybillah took amazing pictures, i hated my hair, prom was popping and super live, i got my dress made it was $180 i think it should have been cheaper but at least i can wear it again (POW), my nails $45 for the full set & $20 for the design, ughhh prom is a great experience i'm just glad its my last and only one!!!! =(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Water melon prints is the new animal print, i would love to own those shoes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashion Burrito.

Fashion Burrito Ingredients: J'Michael Tillery (JMT Stylez, 18,Washington,DC

What are your favorite cosmetics?
Any of the Acqua Di Parma products.

What accessories do you admire the most?
: I cannot make it through a day without my Bag/Glasses/and my HAT most importantly. (perferrably a Fedora or Top hat)

Who are your favorite designers?
Ricardo Tisci/ Marc Jacobs/Nicholas Ghuesquier.... I just think they're so innovative and full of creativity. THEY COULD DO NO WRONG IN MY EYES!!!

Describe your style?
Very DIY...I dress upon my mood. But on most days its something I call CO-mod Edge. A cross between Mod 60's/with Couture influences/and a London Edge.

Who inspires your stylish behavior?
Mick Jagger/The Beattles/Michael Jackson/Prince/SOUL TRAIN RE-RUNs....Lmao!

What trends would you like to make happen all over again?
MOD AGE -mid 60's -early 70's. Everyone was so sleek/chic/ and Cool.

What trends do you wish would die?
Dookie Gold Rope Chains/ NEON color Skinnys with Dunks & Nike Bootz/ Big Baggy Clothes.

Who are your Favorite Music Artist(s)?
the others that fall under him would have to be - Gucci/Noisettes/Estelle/Erykah Badu/Bilal/Kelis/Neptunes/Prince/Ryan Leslie/BOSCO

Whats your Favorite Magazine(s)?
Nylon (guys)/ i-D/W mag
OH!!! And VANITY FAIR - I tried to get into my Politics

YaYa's Conclusion: Your style is urban with a surburban twist, like a Kidcudi and Mr. Bentley mixture. On my journey of male styling across the globe turning little thugs into stylistas. keep doing your thang!!!!

[Fashion Burrito, NO CARBS, or artificial flavors.]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mouse Trap.

Reminding the world how much i love Jeremy Scott, and a flashback to my favorite collection.

Jeremy Scott Forever


May 15, 2010 Mrs. Anthony Cornish Wedding!

the bride (my auntie) was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, the cake was good, and the reception was POPPIN! although being a brides maid equals stress, money, comprimising, spent $160 on a dress that i'm only wore for about 6 hours or less and then throw in the good will bag, feet hurting, standing up for a hour in heels at the ceremony,all the pizza at was gone at rehersal,

Congrats to my auntie.