Saturday, May 8, 2010

friday in BMORE!

Here goes the green leopard skirt and the cute little disobedient bow by me, went to go see my homie Chrissy off to her junior prom, she was bright and simply beautiful, next week is my last week of highschool FOREVER, the journey was like no other, being at a school on a college campus was most definately a challenge like shit, and those teachers, some i really appreciated, some i didn't care most likely the dull pushovers, and others "fucking dick suckas" [middle fingers up] sorry thats how i feel, just happy i'm out of there. YAYYY C/O 2010


  1. sooo im in love with your whole fit! did you make your jean jacket? its hooottt

  2. Thanks Aisha darling, your blog is tite too, i brought the jacket from the thrift cut,bleached, & razored it =)

  3. Congrats on being finished with HS.. love your hair.. im in to big hair lol I really like the jacket too. Nice site : )


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    With love and fierce from Lee.