Thursday, May 27, 2010


May 21, 2010

where do i start.... i had to cancel my appointment at Sephora because my mother car broke down on the fucking highway, i cried and cried like my dog died, i was suppose to leave at 8 didn't leave until 8:45 and as soon as i came downstairs i had to go because my ride was being a bit impatient, my SLAYED FASHION babies cam thru and Kybillah took amazing pictures, i hated my hair, prom was popping and super live, i got my dress made it was $180 i think it should have been cheaper but at least i can wear it again (POW), my nails $45 for the full set & $20 for the design, ughhh prom is a great experience i'm just glad its my last and only one!!!! =(


  1. im srsly into ur date! hes so cute and so is ur dress and everything else <3

  2. Aishaa..thanks darling!!!

    Bianca..<3 <3 <3, i'm telling your sweden boyfriend jk =)

  3. killer shoes! omg! i'm diggin your fashion risk here, risk takers live life (btw thanks for the follow :P) :D.

  4. Oh wow your dress is awesomely wicked!... and i love the nails... I think that most important thing is that you had fun at the end =)