Monday, May 17, 2010


PROM friday, and my dress isn't done yet (grrr) everytime i think about how plain and boring my dress is gonna be i realize how poppin ghetto and delicious my nails has to be every nail is gonna have it's own personality and i've been stalking WAH Nails tumlr for pictures and ideas INSPIRATION, i mean i want every nails to be different even if the design is the same i want the color to be different, i'm just excited about everything other then my dress, it has COLOR of course but detail is lacking because i waited so long to decide that i wasnted my dress made, i thought i would be lucky enough to find a dress a vintage store for about $10-$60, truth is i never looked because i felt like i was never gonna find what i wanted and didn't want the same thing happen to me like last year it was a super FAIL i got SHOES and they remind me of a mild stripper shoe less (less sexual activity) but anyways these nails are rare and amazing i wish i could fly to the L-D-N and get all WAH(ed) up!

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