Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nail Burrito!

Nail Art Burrito Ingredients: Shayna, 18, NYC

[Meet the bombing eccentric FOXY (fuck lions she be the JUNGLE PUSSY) with the bossy nails.]

What are your favorite cosmetics?
a red or pink lipstick

What accessories do you admire the most?
ringsssssssssss :) they the accessories to my nails

Long Nails or Short Nails & why?
Long nails cuz thats how I do

What brand(s) do you use (nail polish)?
lol whatever they have in the salon

Favorite nail designs?
my ice cream cones and my corset designs

Any thing new you would like to try?
yes alwaysss i just always think of them on the spot

Favorite colors in nail design?
pinks, golds, baby blue, blahblahblahh i love em all

Whats the fill in Prices at your local nail salon?
about 15

What do you consider boring nails?
all fingers pink, ring finger in black....hahahaha corny broads. french tips...porno star chicks. oh & leopard print designs on nails bouta get whack in like 2 minutes.

How do you feel about the claw nails..will you try them?
i had these shits since 11th grade

How often do you change you design?
every 2 weeks unless im crazy in love ill keep em on for a month (ew lol) oh well, i be falling in love

What or who inspires you to design your nails?
now if i tell you, ill have to kill you ;*

YaYa's CONCLUSION: I never knew it was possible to have icecream cones on the fingers until i peeped your fly nails, keep doing the nails thing, keep suprising the world with your claws.

[The Nail Art Burrito] NO CARBS, or artifical flavors..(chipotle can't compare)


  1. I nominated you for an award on my blog.. Check it out!

    Love this post by the way.. good insperation for makeup ; )

  2. Awesome interview. Now I'm going to go look at those pictures again.