Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fashion Student Fall 2010

i've been super lazy, so i decided to delete my facebook account just for my blogger & blogettes (kisses), i'm so much happier when my blog is active my dedication to my art is getting the POW POW! it deserves, facebook distracts the shit out of my blogging life, sooo it's being deactivated until i start school & if it distracts me then, fuck facebook until winter break, hahhaaaa, school starts August 30th. 6 more weeks i'm so excited to learn & get more jiggy with what i want to do for the rest of my life, i've had some constant self doubts, being employed at Mcdonalds makes me want to change my major & consider a 9-5 because i don't want to be making no miserable minimum wage ass money, but i know its only temporary and God is teaching me some life lessons as he always do in the summer, the most miserable but fun times of everyones lives. I love the public though, i just hate the boys who try to holla, although some are cuties but only SOME!!!!, i would not like to get fired before i quit so exchanging numbers is a NO NO People are really sweet though, i expected the customers to be pure bitches and assholes, only maybe 7% are.

Fashion Student wardrobe equals lots of destroyed denim, half tee's & spandex leggings, Oh did i forget my DocMartens & those adorable glitter HOT PINK Patricia Feilds platform pumps i want (not feeling the $88 though)... & myMagenta lips, & my everyday gold pieces!!! BASIC with my YAYA UNICORNS spazz.


  1. Girl I know what u mean working in mcdonals is super hard... but I kinda wish I was making some money =)

  2. You work soo hard for so little, ughh i will miss the little check when i quick, ughh =(

  3. Omgosh tell me about , been so lazy too didnt make a new post since my bday(june 5) and now i just added new posts check it out

  4. lolx .
    save me a carmel frappe !
    thanks for following =)
    -MARiAH !

  5. LOL @Mariah i hate making those things they are so annoying & the whip is always gone, today the smoothie was gone & the carmel frapps i was sooo happy!!!! & your welcome

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