Saturday, August 21, 2010

Teen Vogue Fashion U 2009

Hello my fashionista, designing, photographer, and just all around fashion fiends sistas & brothas i hope you applied for Teen Vogue Fashion University graduating c / o 2010, first & foremost i would like to apoligize for not letting you guys know about this sooner, i been trying to do a post since the Teen Vogue Fashion U 2010 apps were up, i'm sooo sorry i didn't do it out of selfishness but laziness and forgetfulness, the application deadlines were August 1st then extended to the 8th, blah blah, well i hope you applied my fashion students & fashion whores!!!! If you didn't apply theres always 2011, your absolutely aware so don't forget about in the next go round.

I must say TVFU was the most amazing weekend of my life, where do i start friday night Juicy Couture party with my girls Saray, Bianca, & Alex Peach, a band played they were called Kings of Ido, got a free cd & the compliment from the cute juicy employee "They aint ready for your style, they aint ready for those docmartens" * blush *

Early Saturday morning i awoke hopped on the subway & headed to the Hudson Theatre where i got my gift bag filled with small goodies, i forgot the brand but because i got there late i got an ugly navy striped one when i really wanted the most spunkier ones with the leopard and candy prints. Seminars with handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff, designer Thakoon Panichgul, A SCAD representative, & the very wonderful Dian Von Furstenburg, girls and very few boys from all over the world so the networking game was tight! H & M in store, i didn't stay long, it was late & rainy.

Then Sunday at the Hudson Theatre once again to watch the "The September Issue" a documentary about the bold & the ageless Vogue & Anna Wintour, sadly i found myself back in Baltimore only a few hours later .....

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Monday, August 16, 2010


Currently i'm not inspired & i really don't wanna feed my readers any more wack bullshit about how i hate my life & the bad decisions i make, k, hope you understand!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Got my septum pierced honestly i'm hating it right now, i wanted it for like 3 years and when i finally got it i feel like i fucked myself up, it takes away from the bea uty in my face, i don't want it to close i wanna keep it i just wanna tuck the ring, and it just isn't wide enough to go into my nose. i think i would wear it like only once a week, i just should have never got it but i just had to have it, this taught me a lesson i don't need no tattoos

i hate my job still so happy i'm quitting in 4 more weeks, i may just stay because i need those little checks, i really wanna work at Whole Foods, i love customer service,but absolutely not at McDonald's!!!!

i'm not loving life right now, 1) maybe because i'm always being ignored by somebody i deadass had high expectations for, stupid boys 2)work is a handful and managers are dumb which is too much especially when i only get paid $120 every 2 weeks, 3) i wanna be thinner, i'm so unhappy with my weight right now as always, & just trying so hard not to let those summer pounds to creep up on me, i want to end this battle with my body forever, ughhh 4) i haven't been out anywhere with my friends, with there schedule & my schedule & i'm just tired of doing the same damn things in Baltimore City, then i think of my little one day vacation in NEW YORK, i get super happy!!! yayyyy

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


my perfect pink

Alek "Citrus Eye Candy" Wek

Viva la neon nailz.