Saturday, August 7, 2010


Got my septum pierced honestly i'm hating it right now, i wanted it for like 3 years and when i finally got it i feel like i fucked myself up, it takes away from the bea uty in my face, i don't want it to close i wanna keep it i just wanna tuck the ring, and it just isn't wide enough to go into my nose. i think i would wear it like only once a week, i just should have never got it but i just had to have it, this taught me a lesson i don't need no tattoos

i hate my job still so happy i'm quitting in 4 more weeks, i may just stay because i need those little checks, i really wanna work at Whole Foods, i love customer service,but absolutely not at McDonald's!!!!

i'm not loving life right now, 1) maybe because i'm always being ignored by somebody i deadass had high expectations for, stupid boys 2)work is a handful and managers are dumb which is too much especially when i only get paid $120 every 2 weeks, 3) i wanna be thinner, i'm so unhappy with my weight right now as always, & just trying so hard not to let those summer pounds to creep up on me, i want to end this battle with my body forever, ughhh 4) i haven't been out anywhere with my friends, with there schedule & my schedule & i'm just tired of doing the same damn things in Baltimore City, then i think of my little one day vacation in NEW YORK, i get super happy!!! yayyyy


  1. I agree with the nose ring. I thought about getting my nose pierced but thats exactly how I would have felt after words, like I screwed myself up !

  2. I feel you with number three. That's been the problem in my life for... hm, since middle school. It takes alot to love your body fully. You'll get there one day.. with/or without changes.

  3. Soetimes if you give it time you will soon love your piercing. Your expecting to much from it right now so its not up to your expectations.. I've had that feeling before and I had to let it go. Once i did I was in love with it. Let it become apart of you : ) You still look beatuiful.

  4. AAaawawww Bestie, I just Want You To Know That it's Always Time For You To Change Any Thing About Yourself That You Do Not Like..... You Do Not Need To Beat Your self Up About. Just Know that Im Here For You. ♥ And That Job Is Def. Not For Such A Pretty Girl Like You. So Just Find anThoer One......But Keep That one Into You Find A New On. ......(Live,Love,Learn)