Thursday, September 16, 2010

FNO 2010

*Pat Fields party
*Dai Burger
*Stayed in a hostel in Harlem that wasn't worth $50 for a little twin size bed
* Missed Dai Burger performance (sad face) but happy to sing along in the live crowd outside of the store
*Can't wait to do my internship with Butch Diva next summer whoop!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Burrito.

Fashion Burrito Ingredients: Azania[Sharane],17,Manhattan,NY

[Azania & her tribe pictured above]

What are your favorite cosmetics? Sephora

What accessories do you admire the most? Earringsss ! & Chains

Who are your favorite designers? Alexander McQueens & Betsey Johnson

Describe your style? Vintage

Who inspires your stylish behavior? My Peers

What trends would you like to make happen all over again? The 8Os/ Early 9Os Rope Chains, Windbreakers, Kangols ETC.

What trends do you wish would die? The Polo, Rubgy, BBC Trend. I hate when things are worn incorrectly or are over priced unless its actually worth it.

Who are your Favorite Music Artist(s)? Shwayze

Whats your Favorite Magazine(s)? Seventeen

Yaya's Conclusion: Your style reminds me of so many spunky things & time era's from "Sister Sister" to the "round the way girls" in LL Cool J's video, i love how your not afraid of color or combinding all types of patterns, from the bold & the beautiful polka dots to the knocking on heavans doors, gold dooRknocKers, your the BOMBING, POPPIN',POW POW! & thats my conclusion never change!!!

[Fashion Burrito, NO CARBS, or artificial flavors.]