Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lemme Update cha

Hi baby(s), why have i been neglecting my blog??? School and Work, my 5 classes including my Fashion 101 which be making me werk so hard!!!! doing boring samples and getting ready to make a boring church lady dress that i will never wear is NOT poppin. Clothing construction is no joke, why did i think it would be so danm easy and fun, i can get jiggy with it though tutoring from 4-7:30 every tuesday & thursday be hurting me, but what can i say i'm "Dedicated to Design" this it what i wanna do and i refuse to let my laziness determine my ending, degree on deck, my tutor is bombing though, he is a tailor who is very talented & patient, he works at a jail where he teaches inmates how to make clothes, pillow cases, and stuff like that.

Soooo i want this aa dress, but $50 though?? you know how american apparel trys to get over and play with the public, just need it in my life paired with my favorite leopard belt.

My Nail game has been super wack lately, so for my birthday which is in only one month my nails are gonna be EXTRA poppin stepping it up! i keep saying i'm not getting no designs until my birthday but i be lying, i works hard so why not!!

MY BUTCH DIVA leggings came in the mail..YAYYY show you guys later

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