Sunday, July 14, 2013

Why I love kelis.

Years ago, 2006 and earlier I strongly disliked Kelis, with songs like "Milkshake" and "Bossy" i had no idea why she remained relevant and why she made songs so stupid with no meaning behind it. My dislike for Kelis was based mainly on "Milkshake" though. "My milkshake bring all the boyz to the the yard and [blah blah] is better then yours. So Summer 2007 I believe I was on my cousin's computer and this song comes on and although I don't know the song; the beat is really popping so I'm not pressed to change it. While listening I realized the song is damn right "POPPING" like fish grease popping, like your favorite extra buttery popcorn popping <---[that was corny] but that ish was off the hook. My baby boo Andre 3000 brings it in and i like "Ok this is fiyah, who is this?". I then realized it is Ms. Kelis and at that point I am shocked that I actually like the song and that she actually makes descent music. That song is still my "Sugar honey ice tea" after 6 years. That song is of course "Millionaire". Millionaire made me the check out Vintage KELIS you know, #WANDERLAND #KALEIDOSCOPE #TASTY AND EVEN #KELISWASHERE [my least favorite].Yall better get hip.