Thursday, October 17, 2013


Last night I was creeping on Youtube watching random videos as usual and since lately I've been obsessed with women with their heads fully shaved I decieded to Youtube women with newly shaved hair and their experience. I found a few wild ones, there was this one in particular where a girl had to get her hair shaved due to a bet, the bet was that the NFL team The Cowboys would make it to the super bowl so of course that didn't happen but even with a head full of hair her friends forced her to go through with it. It was clearly a tramautic experience for her. Poor thang cryed like a new born baby, I mean her faced turned damn near purple (awful friends she have). Then suddenly I came across one that stood out to me. This girl was a beauty guru and a popular youtuber (Shameless Maya) I have heard of once before but didnt know of her shaving her hair. Long story short I watched as Maya got her beautiful natural curls shaved off. Although she cried like a baby as well Maya was a trooper , shaving her head was HER idea and she was very proud of her decision. I don't know if I would be able to do the same if I had Maya's length but I think Im ready, not now but very very soon!!! If God keeps me 2014 will be a very big year for me based on some changes I am making in my life and moves I will be definately making and Im very excited to let HAIR GO!!!! Hair has always been a big deal to me and I am ready to say F**K HAIR. I am beautiful enough on the inside and to be honest I associate haiving LONG weave with being attractive in men eyes. In ShamelessMaya video description she writes "Here's why I'm shaving all my hair off. Is hair over rated? What would happened if I shaved off ALL my hair? Why is shaving off my hair a scary thought? I decided to shave my hair off to overcome my fears and define my own meaning of beauty and self worth." Maya you could've said it better girl!!! Hair is way too important especially in the black community. I've seen so many poeple in my life judge women and even men based on their hair. We will all die one day and our hair wont matter!!!